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Banned Pet Names

Posted in WoW with tags , , , , on December 31, 2013 by diablo343

“Why can’t I name my pet Jennifer?” I wondered to myself, then in writing on Twitter. “That seems like an odd name to block. It’s one of the most common female names in The United States (at least in my generation), so why is it banned as a pet name in Warcraft?”


Naming pets is something I’ve been trying to do recently (see my post from October). I have over 500 total, so just naming my level 25 pets is the goal. Still, with over 200 of them, I’ve been getting behind lately.

There are a lot of names, most of obvious reasons, that you aren’t allowed to call your pets. The mature language filter blocks most of them, but it also blocks the name “Hot”. Sure, that can be used in obscene ways, but naming a pet “Hot Saucerman” isn’t vulgar. Another thing the game blocks is the word “The”. So naming something “The Choctaw” is also out of the question.

One last thing I’ve noticed gets blocked is naming something with three of the same letter in a row. Which I completely understand. You don’t want people naming their pets after website addresses and harassing other players with them. But it also prevents me from naming a pet Lrrr, after the space alien from Futurama. Perhaps blocking “www” from being in names would be a better move.

I checked out the forums and there are a few threads about banned pet names. Seems a lot of the names mentioned are no longer banned though, names such as Audrey, Sonic and Malcolm, yet others still remain. Jennifer, for one.


Naming Your Battle Pets In World of Warcraft

Posted in WoW with tags , , , , , , on October 20, 2013 by diablo343

I’ve been a proponent of naming all of my pets. Now, I currently have 486, so I haven’t named every one of them. What I have been able to do is name all of my level 25 pets, to which I currently have 140. WoWScrnShot_102013_125040To name this many pets, I’ve had to employ a number of techniques for original names. Here is a few I use.

  • Clever Names – These are names that it might take the average player a few seconds to notice a relation between the name and pet. Examples: Bat named Man, Sandy Petrel named Gulliver and Westfall Chicken named Chauntecleer.
  • Pop Culture References – These are the most common of my names. They’re pets named after video game characters, actors, musicians, songs, ect. Examples: Emerald Turtle named Trejo, Proto-Drake Whelp named Protoman and Arcane Eye named Leela.
  • Podcasters – I’ve named quite a few pets after some of my favorite podcasters. Examples – Harpy Youngling named Freck, Little Fawn named Randy (Sklar) and Scourged Whelpling named JRY.
  • Pornstars – It’s no secret, I’m a fan of boobies. Therefore, I’ve named a number of my pets after some of my favorite pornstars. Examples: Anubisath Idol named Talore, Mr. Grubs named Couture and Nexus Whelpling named Poppens.
  • Random Words – This is my favorite. I was at my parents’ house a couple weeks ago and I was getting behind in naming my pets. So as we sat there talking, I was naming pets after random words that came up in conversation. Examples: Lil’ Bad Wolf named Seven, Mini Mindslayer named Thick and Snarly named Rock.
  • Comedians – I’m a huge comedy nerd, so I’ve named a few after some of my favorite stand-up comdeians. Examples: Chrominius named Demetri, Ghostly Skull named Leary and Harbinger of Flame named Benson.
  • Way Too Common – These are names that are obvious. I try to avoid them, but sometimes it easier to give in and just use them. Examples: Darkmoon Blimp named Goodyear,  Crow named Murder and Kun-Lai Runt named Smash.
  • Related Named Pets – These are groups of 2-5 pets that all have related names. Examples – My group of Pandaren Spirits are named Inky, Pinky, Blinky and Clyde, I have an H.P. Lovecraft team (see photo above): Death Talon Whelpguard named Nyarlathotep, Snake named Yig and Tiny Bog Beast named Yog Sothoth and have three pets named after the hosts of The Caustic Soda Podcast: Stone Armadillo named Toren, Tideskipper named Fulghum and Wolpertinger named Leeson.

My PvP Pet Battle Team

Posted in WoW with tags , , , , , , on October 12, 2013 by diablo343

This post is part of the Warcraft Pet Foundry October Blogging Carnival. This month’s topic is “Your Best PvP Team”, and since I barely ever do PvP pet battles, I decided to just pick three pets that I think would be good for such battles.

WoWScrnShot_101213_130958#1 – Crimson Geode with Spark, Amplify Magic and Elementium Bolt.

#2 – Amber Moth with Alpha Strike, Cocoon Strike and Moth Dust

#3 – Tranquil Mechanical Yeti with Metal Fish, Call Lightning and Ion Cannon

I start battles with Crimson Geode and cast Elementium Bolt, then Amplify Magic, then Spark until Elementium Bolt is off cooldown. Then I restart the rotation until he’s dead.

Next I pull in Amber Moth and start with Cocoon Strike, then Moth Dust, then Alpha Strike until Cocoon Strike is off cooldown. Then I restart the rotation until he’s dead.

Finally I bring in the Tranquil Mechanical Yeti and start with Call Lightning, then Ion Cannon and after the two round recharge cast metal fist. Then I restart the rotation until he’s dead.

Carrying A Pet On Farmer Nishi

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Here is how I carry a low level pet on Farmer Nishi. I usually take a level 23+ as my leveling pet because any pet above level 22 will make it to 25 in this battle with the XP bonus from the Safari Hat and a Lesser Pet Treat, you’ll get about 4556 XP. I’ve been able to take her down with many combinations of pets, but this specific combo is a lot faster than any other I’ve tried before.

WoWScrnShot_090313_171911The first pet is whichever pet you will be grinding, anything with at least around 500 health, as it will take an initial attack and one more AoE attack throughout the battle. The next two should be a Tideskipper and a Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. On Tideskipper take Grasp, Tidal Wave and Geyser. On Yeti take Call Lightning and Supercharge, the ability in the first slot doesn’t matter, you won’t use it.

You will first face Siren, a elemental sunflower. Start the battle by using any attack from your leveling pet. After that swap him out for Tideskipper. First use Geyser, then attack with grasp until Siren is dead. Grasp does less damage than Crush, the other ability in Tideskipper’s first attack slot, but it also roots the enemy, which comes in handy after Geyser hits. Geyser will stun Siren, and if Siren isn’t rooted, Nishi will swap him out and bring in Toothbreaker, allowing for Siren’s Photosynthesis ability to regain most of it’s health.

Once Siren is dead, Toothbreaker comes in. With Tideskipper still active, cast Tidal Wave. Toothbreaker should be attacking first and will cast Sons of the Root, which causes him to submerge, becoming unattackable for 2 rounds. During this time, the Sons of the Root attack the opponent, dealing 77 Elemental damage each round. This attack is similar to Lil’ Ragnaros’s Sons of the Flame. Tidal Wave, while dealing a little damage to Farmer Nishi’s third pet, Brood of Mothallus, it’ll also clear out the Sons of the Root. Next cast Geyser again, then Tidal Wave one more time. Once Toothbreaker comes back above ground, cast Grasp and keep casting it until he’s dead.

Once Brood of Mothallus is active cast Geyser one more time. Next swap in your Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. Cast Super Charge then Call Lightning. After Call Lightning hits, the Geyser will hit, killing Brood of Mothallus and you’ll win. Below is a video of me employing this strategy.

Have fun grinding!

Alliance, The Pond Scum Of Azeroth

Posted in WoW with tags , on July 31, 2013 by diablo343

I recently took a vacation that required me to get on a few airplanes. I am 30 years old and this is the first time I’ve ever flown anywhere. It wasn’t something I’ve avoided doing, it’s just something that has never came up. This was only the third trip in my life that’s been far enough away for flying to make sense and the other two were long road trips.

During my two days of travel I happened to be wearing World of Warcraft shirts. A Druid shirt I bought from Jinx and a Murloc one I received at last year’s Nerdtacular. Each shirt triggered an airport employee to ask me about the game.

The first was an older man, maybe in his early 50s who told me he used to play Warcraft with his son, but no longer does.

The second was a man around my age at the security check area. The first thing he did was ask me what faction I play, which I answered truthfully by saying “both, but I tend to play more Alliance than Horde.” He then followed that question by asking if I was on a PvP server, because he was going to come kill me. In my mind, I knew this was the wrong answer the moment he asked it. Any time someone has approached me and asked what faction I play, it’s always the wrong one.

One time, at an MC Frontalot concert, someone came over to me and simply asked “What faction?” I said Alliance and he stormed away as if I told then their father smelled of elderberries. We could have talked for while about our favorite classes, when we started playing, our favorite aspects of the game, but no, I randomly chose the wrong faction in 2005 when i had no prior knowledge of either faction, so I was no longer worthy of wasting any time on.

I also work with at least 5 people who play. One of which, played Alliance when I first met him. He always made a big deal out of us being the only two Alliance players around, but I didn’t care. We’re all people who play the same online video game, isn’t that enough?

I know there are plenty of good people who happen to play Horde. I’m friends with quite a few, my sister, her husband, the guys from, my cousin and all those people I work with, but the few times I’ve run into them in the world makes me glad I’m not.

I’m a 30 year old, father of two, who likes to be immersed in a fictionalized, fantasy universe. I work 40 hours a week in a factory that supplies braking corners to General Motors. I love my children, my family and my fiancée. I write, cook, work in my garden and love going to Buffalo Wild Wings. Also, I play Alliance, so I’m sorry if I ruined your day.

5.3 Beasts of Fable Help

Posted in WoW with tags , , , , , on July 1, 2013 by diablo343

On April 9th I did a post on the Beasts of Fable daily quest and what pets I use to easily complete them.  When patch 5.3 came out, this quest was split up into three quests, each one harder than the original but with the same rewards. Unfortunately, two of the three pets I wrote about aren’t as good anymore, so I’ve found a few more that work as replacements. Here’s my updated post for help with these quests.

Against Aquatics:


Of the three Aquatic pets, I have the most trouble with Dos’Ryga, the fish in Kun Lai Summit. What makes him so tough is his healing spell that adds around 800 health. I use a Crow for two reasons. The first being his Call Darkness ability, which reduces all healing spells by 50% for 5 rounds. The second is his strength against aquatics, specifically Murder, the standard three round attack that doubles damage for two rounds. I’m not a math expert, but for some reason doubling the attacks that are already halved by the the Elite Pet buff, end up stronger than they should. I don’t know if it’s a mistake, but I’m not not going to be asking Blizzard about it any time soon. This Crow can only be found as an additional pet on Darkmoon Island. It will not spawn on it’s own. Gilnean Ravens also have Call Darkness and have abilities strong against Aquatic, but I prefer the Crow.

Against Beasts:

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

I recommend starting with a Tranquil Mechanical Yeti that’s been upgraded to rare quality. You can make these if you’re an engineer, or buy one off the auction house for pretty cheap. Start off the battle with Supercharge coupled with Call Lightning. Coupling these attacks will deal around 600-700 damage. Call Lightning will also increase all your mechanical attacks by 25% and deal additional damage each round the lightning storm is active. TMY is the only pet that allows you to have both these abilities active at once. For an extra bit of damage, bring in a Clockwork Gnome and use his Build Turret ability. Each attack from the turret will deal the additional damage brought on by Call Lightning. However, don’t plant a turret against Gorespine. His Spiked Skin ability will do more damage to you than it’s worth.

Against Critters:


I’m going with three pets who have the Howl ability and also have Beast attacks, so most Foxes, Wolves and my favorite, Chrominius. Chrominius comes out ahead because he’s a Dragonkin and one of the strongest attacks from the Beasts of Fable is weak against him, Ka’wi the Gorger‘s Moth Balls which can single-handedly kill your pet if it connects on each shot. Chrominius is a drop of Chromaggus in Black Wing Lair.

Introduction to Pet Battles in World of Warcraft

Posted in WoW with tags , , , , , on December 26, 2012 by diablo343

Lately, most of my time spent in game has consisted of leveling up battle pets. It’s something I was intrigued by when it was first announced as part of Mists of Pandaria. I haven’t spend a ton of time playing, since release, but I still have noticed a few things that might help anyone who hasn’t tried it yet.


  • Do the trainer quests. At your battle pet trainer in each faction’s main city, you can start a chain quest to beat pet trainers throughout the world. Not only do these quests offer more experience than regular battles, but they also reward you with pet related items that might help you level up faster or cosmetically alter your pets when outside of battle.
  • Level more than 3 pets at a time. When you start out, you’re only offered the option to fight one pet at a time. As you level, you unlock the ability to use up to three in each battle. I suggest leveling 5-6 at a time. Your cooldown for healing and resurrecting them is 8 minutes, unless you’re near a stable master. When you level multiple pets, you can continue to do battles if one or two pets die before the 8 minute cooldown is up. It might also be smart to pick pets from different classifications.
  • Capture one of every pet you encounter, especially if they’re rare quality. While leveling you’ll encounter a bunch of different pets. I felt it helped me level faster if I captured them and tryed using some of them. Some of these pets have nice abilities that you might never discover otherwise.
  • Learn your pet’s strengths and weaknesses. Each class’s attacks have another class they are strong and weak against. The problem is that each pet doesn’t only have attacks from their class. So sometimes choosing the right attacks could mean all the difference in battle. I recommend finding a chart that shows all this information and print it out for easy access. The one I’m using doesn’t appear on that site anymore, but this ( one is similar.


  • Play around with different pet combinations. Some pets have abilities that deal more damage if an enemy is “burning” or “chilled”. Unfortunately, I haven’t come across any pets that will both chill an enemy and cause more damage when they’re chilled. They may be some, but I don’t know about them. That’s why playing around with pet combinations can come in handy. Also, there are abilities that will increase damage by any upcoming attacks. Try pairing those with the most powerful attacks from other pets.
  • Take advantage of your pet’s passive class ability. Every pet class has a special passive ability. These abilities can help you map out a strategy for how to advanced in battle. For example, Mechanical units come back to life with 25% health once per battle, meaning you can wait until you’re one attack away from dying to cast a healing spell, knowing that you can benefit from that additional 25%.
  • Level in a zone higher than you’re current pet’s level. This will grant you more experience and help your pets level faster. When leveling from 1-15, you only face one or two pets at a time. It’s very easy to kill two level 13 pets with three level 11s. Plus, when you capture pets at a higher level, you can throw the newly added ones into battle and they’ll already be the same level as the ones you’re currently using.


  • Get some more pets!!! There are a ton of pets out there and it’s your job to find them. Searching through past expansion dungeons, reputations and vendors might reward some hidden gem pets that would otherwise go untouched.
  • Let your pets die. When leveling multiple pets at once, it’s sometimes a good idea to let one pet die in battle. If you have a higher level pet, and you let it get killed,all  the experience will instead be granted to another pet. Meaning you can do all the grunt work with a more powerful pet, only to have a weaker pet jump in for the final attack and benefit as if it killed all the enemies.

Recommended Add-ons

  • PetTracker ( – displays, on your main map, the location of either any pets in the zone, any pet you don’t own a rare version of, or any pets missing from your collection. It’ll also display what your opponent’s abilities are, enabling you to switch to another pet when facing something that’s strong against your current pet.
  • BattlePetCount ( – displays how many of each pet you have, they’re level and quality, both in battle and before you start a fight.


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