Carrying a Pet On Courageous Yon

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Ever since patch 5.4 my strategy for carrying a pet on Farmer Nishi has been obsolete. This sent me on a mission to find a new tamer I can carry a pet on since that was my blog’s most popular post. Perhaps it was only popular because people have been having trouble defeating him since patch 5.4, who knows.

First off, I want to thank Derfis (@WoWDerfus) over at Will Pet Battle For Food for his strategy to carrying a pet on Grand Master Aki. This one is basically the same strategy with a different third pet.


I’ve come up with a technique that can carry one or two pets on Courageous Yon in Kun-Lai Summit. He’s located inside a cave in Kota Peak in the south western corner of the zone. The cave is at the top of the mountain and can only be accessed from the southern face.

mountainThe first slot will be the pet you’re carrying. It will only take about 150 damage, so just about any pet can go there. The second pet will be an Anubisath Idol with Crush, Stoneskin and Deflection. And your third pet is anything that is strong against Beasts. I choose a Tranquil Mechanical Yeti because he’s my go to for Beast fights. You probably won’t need this third pet, unless you make a mistake somewhere and just want a little insurance.

petsYon starts with his pet Piqua. Use any one round ability with your carry pet. Piqua will attack with Squack, which only deals 100-150 damage and lowers your damage by 25% for three rounds. Which is fine because you will now swap in your Anubisath Idol.

There are three things to remember when using your Idol against all three of Yon’s pets:

  1. The first two pets you face have two round attacks that charge on the first round. Piqua has Liftoff and Lapin has Burrow. When each of these attacks are selected you need to cast Deflection in the next round so you avoid the damage.
  2. Always keep Stoneskin active. When it gets down to one round left, cast it again, unless it conflicts with the first rule. If you have an add-on that shows your opponent’s abilities, you can cast Stoneskin on the turn Liftoff or Burrow comes off of cooldown, because you know he will cast them in that round.
  3. Attack with Crush, unless it conflicts with the first two rules.

If you do this you should have around 1000 health left when Yon’s third pet, Bleat comes in. His attacks are weak against your Idol’s, but Crush is weak against him. So you can either keep hitting him with Crush until he dies, or just bring in your strong against beasts pet. It’s entirely possible to kill all three of Yon’s pets with your Idol since they all have one of those Stampede like abilities that Stoneskin will block all the damage from and also prevent your pet from getting the double damage debuff.

So there you go. Now I wait for patch 5.5 when they change something on this battle to make this strategy obsolete too. Happy leveling.


Carrying A Pet On Farmer Nishi

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Here is how I carry a low level pet on Farmer Nishi. I usually take a level 23+ as my leveling pet because any pet above level 22 will make it to 25 in this battle with the XP bonus from the Safari Hat and a Lesser Pet Treat, you’ll get about 4556 XP. I’ve been able to take her down with many combinations of pets, but this specific combo is a lot faster than any other I’ve tried before.

WoWScrnShot_090313_171911The first pet is whichever pet you will be grinding, anything with at least around 500 health, as it will take an initial attack and one more AoE attack throughout the battle. The next two should be a Tideskipper and a Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. On Tideskipper take Grasp, Tidal Wave and Geyser. On Yeti take Call Lightning and Supercharge, the ability in the first slot doesn’t matter, you won’t use it.

You will first face Siren, a elemental sunflower. Start the battle by using any attack from your leveling pet. After that swap him out for Tideskipper. First use Geyser, then attack with grasp until Siren is dead. Grasp does less damage than Crush, the other ability in Tideskipper’s first attack slot, but it also roots the enemy, which comes in handy after Geyser hits. Geyser will stun Siren, and if Siren isn’t rooted, Nishi will swap him out and bring in Toothbreaker, allowing for Siren’s Photosynthesis ability to regain most of it’s health.

Once Siren is dead, Toothbreaker comes in. With Tideskipper still active, cast Tidal Wave. Toothbreaker should be attacking first and will cast Sons of the Root, which causes him to submerge, becoming unattackable for 2 rounds. During this time, the Sons of the Root attack the opponent, dealing 77 Elemental damage each round. This attack is similar to Lil’ Ragnaros’s Sons of the Flame. Tidal Wave, while dealing a little damage to Farmer Nishi’s third pet, Brood of Mothallus, it’ll also clear out the Sons of the Root. Next cast Geyser again, then Tidal Wave one more time. Once Toothbreaker comes back above ground, cast Grasp and keep casting it until he’s dead.

Once Brood of Mothallus is active cast Geyser one more time. Next swap in your Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. Cast Super Charge then Call Lightning. After Call Lightning hits, the Geyser will hit, killing Brood of Mothallus and you’ll win. Below is a video of me employing this strategy.

Have fun grinding!

5 TV Comedies You Should Be Watching

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And now for something completely different.

I’m as much a fan of comedy as I am a fan of Pet Battles, so I spend a lot of time watching comedy related TV shows. Here is a list of 5 comedy shows I’ve been enjoying that I think you guys might like too.

1. Nathan For You – Comedy Central

Profressional Comedian, Nathan Fielder (@nathanfielder on twitter) graduated from business school with “good” grades, now he wants to help small business improve their business with unconventional ideas. They’re usually things that will help in the short term, but something that is won’t sustain a long life. For example, he had a ice cream shop start selling a poo flavored ice cream. It got people in the door, just to see if it were true, but no one liked the flavor (obviously). Nathan has a dry sense of humor and he uses it to his advantage.

2. Billy on the Street – Fuse

Billy Eichner (@billyeichner on twitter) offers random people $1 if they can answer his biased pop culture trivia questions. The show often features celebrity cameos in games such as “Scream for an American Girl Doll” which featured Will Farrell. The show hinges on absurdity and the best moments are often when he catches someone off guard and then just runs away when they scream.

3. Whose Line Is It Anyway? – CW

The third iteration of Whose Line is now on the CW. This improv show is hosted by Aisha Tyler, and stars improvisational actors Wayne Brady (@waynebrady on twitter), Colin Mochrie (@colinmochrie on twitter), Ryan Stiles (not on twitter) and a fourth rotating cast member. They perform a variety of scenes where they make up everything on the spot with often funny consequences. If you’ve seen the show before, it’s basically the same, just with more celebrity guests. I think the old episodes were funnier, but I’m not complaining that’s there’s more Colin Mochrie on TV.

4. The Jeselnik Offensive – Comedy Central

Stand-up Comedian Anthony Jeselnik makes light of horrible news stories in the first part of the show, then for the rest of the show he invites some of his comedian friends to do the same. The second half is definitely the better part, with everyone playing off each other.

5. The League – FXX

Six friends and their escapades surrounding their fantasy football league. You do not need to be a fan of football to like this show, my wife loves it and hates football. It’s the only situational comedy on my list for a reason. It’s considered an ensemble comedy but none of the actors were that famous until after the show gained popularity.  This season starts on Wednesday, September 4th at 10:30.

My Favorite Battle Pet Add Ons

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This post is written as a part of the September Warcraft Pet Foundry Blogging Carnival.

There are three pet battle related add ons that I use:


BattlePetCount – Displays what level and quality you currently have in each pet you see, whether you’re in a battle, encountering them in the world or hovering over a caged version.

PetBattle Teams – Lets you create an unlimited amount of teams for quick access. Great for quickly switching pets in between tamers or beasts of fable.

Pet Tracker – Displays the locations of all pets, stables and tamers on the world map. Tracks your progress of catching pets in your current zone. Shows the rarity of pets in battle and warns you of upgrades. Displays all your enemies and allies abilities as you fight. Provides a journal of all tamers and their teams.

My Favorite Battle Pets (Updated August 2013)

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I did one of these posts way back when I was writing regularly. Since then, I’ve found other pets I’d rather use. So here’s a few more of my favorites. Keep in mind, I generally won’t do a lot of PvP battles, so my favorite pets are better for leveling other pets.

Amber Moth

Amber Moth – A wild pet that’s capturable in Dread Wastes and Townlong Steppes, I love this little guy because I use him when I’m grinding levels 20-25. Once I’ve finished all the high level tamers that I can use to power level and I start leveling through wild pet battles, I go to the lower left part of The Vale of Eternal Blossoms, near the elite battle pet No-No. Around him is a bunch of Golden Civets and Golden Civet Kittens.  The add-on pets in these battles will be aquatic and flying pets so Amber Moth’s abilities are strong for these fights. There are enough of these wild pets in this area for them to start respawning before you’ve battled everything. Also, with the right rotation (Cocoon Strike -> Moth Dust -> Alpha Strike -> Alpha Strike, repeat) he should always have enough health to last you through the 8 minute cooldown of your Revive Battle Pet spell. You’re probably thinking there are a bunch of pets with the same abilities as the Amber Moth, why is this one your favorite? It’s because it’s easy to locate in my Pet Journal, he’s second from the top among my level 25s. I still have not named my Amber Moth, but I’m open to suggestions.

Gahz’rooki – Purchasable from the Darkspear Rebellion Quartermaster, Gahz’rooki is another of my more used pets. I think he’s great for the daily tamer quest against Grand Master Antari in Shadowmoon Valley. Using all three of his Aquatic abilities, it’s pretty easy to kill the final two pets (Jadefire and Netherbite) in this fight. I’ve named him Tre, because of his three heads.

Smolderweb Hatchling – Previously a reward from a quest, now a drop off Mother Smolderweb in Lower Blackrock Spire, Smolderweb Hatchling is my favorite of the spiders. Again, simply for his attacks that are strong against critters and his ability to make it through a battle with limited health lost. He’s also good at surviving the Beast of Fable fights against critters. I named him Spyder, a name I usually use on my hunter pet spiders.

Swamp Croaker

Swamp Croaker – I recently leveled one of these up to 25 and I love it. He’s a wild pet from the Isle of Thunder and great when facing Ludia Accoste, the Tamer in Deadwind Pass. If you pick Tongue Lash, Swarm of Flies and Frog Kiss, he’ll lead you through at least the first two pets and possibly even all three. I have not named him yet, but I am open to suggestions.

More Easy-To-Get Battle Pets

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I’ve had a lot of people checking out my original Easy-To-Get Battle Pets post, so I though I’d do a follow up with some more pets that won’t take weeks of farming dailies in order to get.



Tideskipper – Looted off Morogrim Tidewalker in Serpentshrine Cavern, about an 8% drop according to WoWhead. He’s easily soloable, as long as you can make your way to him. About the only thing he does that’s special is he’ll summon a bunch of murlocs during the fight, an AoE attack will bring them all down. Tideskipper is great for the battle against Farmer Nishi, the daily tamer quest in The Valley Of The Four Winds. You’ll be able to take down both of Nishi’s elemental pets with the right strategy and rotation from Tideskipper. As long as you’re in Serpentshrine Cavern, you should take down at least two of the other three bosses that drop pets. The only one some people might have trouble with is Lady Vashj, but you can leave without ever seeing her if you want.


Ghostly Skull – Down in the bowels of Dalaran, there is a vendor named Darahir. This vendor sells reagents, and for some reason a pet skull that only costs 40g. A lot of people knew about this pet, back when Wrath of the Lich King was the latest expansion, but nowadays it’s easy to level through that content without even stepping foot in Dalaran. You might even be able to buy a few and sell them on the auction house and catch some uninformed people off guard.


Mr. Grubbs – This is my favorite of the Grub pets, simply because of his icon. maggot.v7337It has all the same abilities as the rest of the slugs and grubs, but the icon is just so much cuter (see to the right). You must first complete a chain quest in Eastern Plaguelands to receive Fiona’s Lucky Charm, then there is a bag that almost everything in the zone has a chance to drop. When doing the rest of the quests in this zone, you’ll get a bunch of these bags.  They drop at about a 8-10% rate. The bags contain money and Mr. Grubbs.


Westfall Chicken – Used to be called “Prairie Chicken”, this was one of the first companion pets I ever got. If you go up to a wild chicken, found in some of the lowest level zones, and type “/chicken” over and over and over (it’d probably be easier to just make a macro) eventually the chicken will give you a quest. This quest asks you to find a special feed and return it to the chicken. Once you do, she lays and egg, contained in that egg is this pet.

Alliance, The Pond Scum Of Azeroth

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I recently took a vacation that required me to get on a few airplanes. I am 30 years old and this is the first time I’ve ever flown anywhere. It wasn’t something I’ve avoided doing, it’s just something that has never came up. This was only the third trip in my life that’s been far enough away for flying to make sense and the other two were long road trips.

During my two days of travel I happened to be wearing World of Warcraft shirts. A Druid shirt I bought from Jinx and a Murloc one I received at last year’s Nerdtacular. Each shirt triggered an airport employee to ask me about the game.

The first was an older man, maybe in his early 50s who told me he used to play Warcraft with his son, but no longer does.

The second was a man around my age at the security check area. The first thing he did was ask me what faction I play, which I answered truthfully by saying “both, but I tend to play more Alliance than Horde.” He then followed that question by asking if I was on a PvP server, because he was going to come kill me. In my mind, I knew this was the wrong answer the moment he asked it. Any time someone has approached me and asked what faction I play, it’s always the wrong one.

One time, at an MC Frontalot concert, someone came over to me and simply asked “What faction?” I said Alliance and he stormed away as if I told then their father smelled of elderberries. We could have talked for while about our favorite classes, when we started playing, our favorite aspects of the game, but no, I randomly chose the wrong faction in 2005 when i had no prior knowledge of either faction, so I was no longer worthy of wasting any time on.

I also work with at least 5 people who play. One of which, played Alliance when I first met him. He always made a big deal out of us being the only two Alliance players around, but I didn’t care. We’re all people who play the same online video game, isn’t that enough?

I know there are plenty of good people who happen to play Horde. I’m friends with quite a few, my sister, her husband, the guys from, my cousin and all those people I work with, but the few times I’ve run into them in the world makes me glad I’m not.

I’m a 30 year old, father of two, who likes to be immersed in a fictionalized, fantasy universe. I work 40 hours a week in a factory that supplies braking corners to General Motors. I love my children, my family and my fiancée. I write, cook, work in my garden and love going to Buffalo Wild Wings. Also, I play Alliance, so I’m sorry if I ruined your day.

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