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Soloing (or carrying a pet) On The Burning Pandaren Spirit

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The Anubisath Idol is probably one of the best pets for PvE battles. It can be used to solo a couple tamers and is very usable to take down one or two pets on others. This time I’m going to walk you through soloing the Burning Pandaren Spirit with him in patch 5.4.

To get one of your own, head to the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj in southern Silithus. It’s a drop off Emperor Vek’lor. He’s part of the Twim Emperors boss, one of the more difficult battles in AQ, but is soloable with some persistence.

WoWScrnShot_111213_110040For my set up I take the Anubisath Idol with Crush, Stoneskin and Deflection in my first slot, a pet I’m carrying second and a third pet that’s strong against Fliers, in this case a Nordrassil Wisp. This third pet could also be a carry pet, but I like the security of having a pet that can take down BPS’s third pet, Glowy, in case of emergency. Any carry pets need to be able to take around 800 damage because Crimson’s Cyclone ability will hit them a couple times and BPS’s Immolate will deal an additional 300 or so.

Starting with your Anubisath Idol, cast Crush, Stoneskin, Deflection, Crush and repeat Crush until Crimson is dead. Ideally, you will miss on one of your attacks. This will take Deflection off cooldown for the first round of the Burning Pandaren Spirit. If not, don’t worry, you’ll still be fine. Don’t purposely pass a turn because if you miss after passing, you’ll screw up the plan.

If Deflection is off cooldown, cast it in the first round against the BPS, if not, just hit him with Crush. He always starts the battle with Conflagrate. Next, bring in your carry pet. BPS use your swap turn to heal then hit you with Immolate. Cast anything with your carry pet and swap back to your Anubisath Idol. For the next two rounds BPS will be casting nothing, so recast Stoneskin and wait for Conflagrate to be off cooldown so you can block it with Deflection, otherwise hit him with Crush.

If you have a second carry pet, repeat the process so this pet will only take minimal damage. When Glowy comes in you won’t need to dodge any of it’s attacks, just make sure you keep Stoneskin up and keep spamming Crush and you’ll finish him off with about half health.

And there you are, one more tamer you can carry a pet on.


My Favorite Battle Pets (Updated August 2013)

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I did one of these posts way back when I was writing regularly. Since then, I’ve found other pets I’d rather use. So here’s a few more of my favorites. Keep in mind, I generally won’t do a lot of PvP battles, so my favorite pets are better for leveling other pets.

Amber Moth

Amber Moth – A wild pet that’s capturable in Dread Wastes and Townlong Steppes, I love this little guy because I use him when I’m grinding levels 20-25. Once I’ve finished all the high level tamers that I can use to power level and I start leveling through wild pet battles, I go to the lower left part of The Vale of Eternal Blossoms, near the elite battle pet No-No. Around him is a bunch of Golden Civets and Golden Civet Kittens.  The add-on pets in these battles will be aquatic and flying pets so Amber Moth’s abilities are strong for these fights. There are enough of these wild pets in this area for them to start respawning before you’ve battled everything. Also, with the right rotation (Cocoon Strike -> Moth Dust -> Alpha Strike -> Alpha Strike, repeat) he should always have enough health to last you through the 8 minute cooldown of your Revive Battle Pet spell. You’re probably thinking there are a bunch of pets with the same abilities as the Amber Moth, why is this one your favorite? It’s because it’s easy to locate in my Pet Journal, he’s second from the top among my level 25s. I still have not named my Amber Moth, but I’m open to suggestions.

Gahz’rooki – Purchasable from the Darkspear Rebellion Quartermaster, Gahz’rooki is another of my more used pets. I think he’s great for the daily tamer quest against Grand Master Antari in Shadowmoon Valley. Using all three of his Aquatic abilities, it’s pretty easy to kill the final two pets (Jadefire and Netherbite) in this fight. I’ve named him Tre, because of his three heads.

Smolderweb Hatchling – Previously a reward from a quest, now a drop off Mother Smolderweb in Lower Blackrock Spire, Smolderweb Hatchling is my favorite of the spiders. Again, simply for his attacks that are strong against critters and his ability to make it through a battle with limited health lost. He’s also good at surviving the Beast of Fable fights against critters. I named him Spyder, a name I usually use on my hunter pet spiders.

Swamp Croaker

Swamp Croaker – I recently leveled one of these up to 25 and I love it. He’s a wild pet from the Isle of Thunder and great when facing Ludia Accoste, the Tamer in Deadwind Pass. If you pick Tongue Lash, Swarm of Flies and Frog Kiss, he’ll lead you through at least the first two pets and possibly even all three. I have not named him yet, but I am open to suggestions.

Beasts of Fable Help

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The Beasts of Fable daily quest awards players with a high chance to get a battle pet and an even better chance to get one of the Flawless Battle Stones. From my experience you get one of these items about 70% of the time. And coming soon you’ll be able to get three of them a day.

Just in case you’re having some difficulty with one of the fabled pets, here is a strong pet for battles against each of the families.

Against Aquatics:

Start your battle with a Nether Faerie Dragon found near Dire Maul in Feralas. Not only do they have Silencing Wind, an ability that’s strong against aquatics, but they also have Life Exchange. Life Exchange will almost chop your enemy’s life in half, and if you wait until your pet is a round away from death, it will refill their life. It would be smart to level up a NFD anyways, since they have abilities that are strong against flying pets and flying abilities are weak against them. The Sprite Darter Hatchling has the same abilities, but it’s very rare.

Against Beasts:

I recommend starting with a Tranquil Mechanical Yeti that’s been upgraded to rare quality. You can make these if you’re an engineer, or buy one off the auction house for pretty cheap. Start off the battle with Supercharge coupled with Call Lightning. Coupling these attacks will deal around 1200-1400 damage or about 30-40% of the enemy’s health. Call Lightning will also increase all your mechanical attacks by 25% and deal additional damage each round the lightning storm is active. TMY is the only pet that allows you to have both these abilities active at once.

Against Critters:

This is the tougher one. I have one good pet for each of the three fabled critter pets, but the one that stands out is Mr. Grubbs. You get Mr. Grubbs as a quest reward in a chain of quests in Eastern Plaguelands. If you don’t want to do that, most of the slugs, grubs and larva pets have the same abilities. I use Consume, Acidic Goo and Burrow as my abilities. Start off casting AG, then Burrow, then consume. After that alternate Consume and AG and hit Burrow whenever its off cooldown. Burrow is the only one of these that is strong against critters, but consume should keep you alive long enough to do some serious damage to your enemy.

Well there you have it. Three battle pets that are strong against each of the beasts of fable. Go forth and start collecting and upgrading your pets.

Podcast Well Underway

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In case you didn’t know, I have been doing a podcast.

We just finished episode five.  Check it out of you like video game news, low production values and three guys who pretend they know what they are talking about.

Warlock Tier 13 and A Look Back

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With Tier 13 slowly rolling out over at the World of Warcraft website, and with everyone abuzz about Transmogrification, I thought I would take a class by class look at each gear set and talk a little about my impressions of the new ones and what I would choose if I Transmogrified.

Here is part two, Warlocks. For those of you following along, here is World of Warcraft’s Warlock Tier 13 and Visual Retrospective.

The Warlock’s Tier 13 set is pretty nice looking. I’m someone who likes my gear symmetrical, so the helmet can go, but the rest of it looks great.

As far as the older sets, I like everything from Tier 1 through Tier 6.  Probably Tier 2 and Teir 4 are my favorites, but you can’t go wrong with any of them. Oh man, Tier 5 is nice too. I’m not going to decide just one, it’s too hard.

Druid Tier 13 and A Look Back

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With Tier 13 slowly rolling out over at the World of Warcraft website, and with everyone abuzz about Transmogrification, I thought I would take a class by class look at each gear set and talk a little about my impressions of the new ones and what I would choose if I Transmogrified.

First off, for those of you following along, here is World of Warcraft’s Druid Tier 13 and  Visual Retrospective.

I don’t really like Tier 13 as a whole, it looks too much like Tier 9, and when I spend about 6 months in a lot of that set, I’ve grown very tired of it.  The helmet is about all I really like, the rest of it I would pass on.

First and foremost, I am a fan of helmets and shoulderpads.  Looking back at everything, my favorite entire sets are Tier 2 and Tier 6. I love the yellows, greens and browns of Tier 2 and the helmet and shoulder wings on Tier 6 are also pretty sweet looking together.  If I were picking individual pieces, I’d take the antlers on Tier 1 and the shoulders on either Tier 11, as for everything else, I’d probably just keep the look of what I’ve got.  There isn’t anything there that makes me want to rush out and get that gear to transmogrify it.

Really Blizzard, Really?

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While Outland was loading, I was given a tip on the bottom of my loading screen.  This tip said “Once you get a key, it can be found in a special key ring bag to the left of your bags.”

That’s nice, except it’s not true.

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