The Spectral Porcupette

Spectral Porcupette

Finding easy-to-get pets that everyone doesn’t already have is a tough task. I’ve come across one that’s still relatively rare, and that’s the Spectral Porcupette, which is only owned by about 24% of the players who use Warcraft Pets. While he may not be the best pet for battles, he’s still a great in the looks department and only requires about an hour of time to obtain.

Start by heading to Pandaria. Once you’re there, fly north. And keep flying north until to are beyond Kun-Lai Summit. North of Kun-Lai is the Isle of Giants, a zone full of dinosaurs. These dinosaurs are level 90 elites that are pretty easy to kill when you hit level 100. The only mob you need to avoid is Oondasta, he still requires a group to kill.

Each mob on this islands drops Giant Dinosaur Bones. These bones are used for quests on the island. One of the quests, called “A Large Pile of Giant Dinosaur Bones” gives you the above mentioned Porcupette. This quest can be obtained from Ku’Ma, who is found around 28,58 in a cave. You’re required to collect 999 bones, which might seem tedious, but once you start killing you see the mobs dropping 5, 10, sometimes up to 20 bones at a time. Your biggest hurdle is tagging enemies before other player do, so I suggest heading up there during non-peak hours.

Zandalari Kneebiter

On top of the Porcupette, Direhorn Runts are also about a 1 in 60 drop off these mobs. They are great for some PvE battles and can also be sold on the auction house for around 500g. There are Troll Dinomancers on this island too, and they drop each of the four Zandalari Dinosaur pets.

Another rare drop from these dinosaurs is a Primal Egg. These eggs will hatch after 3 days and give you a rare ground mount.


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