Banned Pet Names

“Why can’t I name my pet Jennifer?” I wondered to myself, then in writing on Twitter. “That seems like an odd name to block. It’s one of the most common female names in The United States (at least in my generation), so why is it banned as a pet name in Warcraft?”


Naming pets is something I’ve been trying to do recently (see my post from October). I have over 500 total, so just naming my level 25 pets is the goal. Still, with over 200 of them, I’ve been getting behind lately.

There are a lot of names, most of obvious reasons, that you aren’t allowed to call your pets. The mature language filter blocks most of them, but it also blocks the name “Hot”. Sure, that can be used in obscene ways, but naming a pet “Hot Saucerman” isn’t vulgar. Another thing the game blocks is the word “The”. So naming something “The Choctaw” is also out of the question.

One last thing I’ve noticed gets blocked is naming something with three of the same letter in a row. Which I completely understand. You don’t want people naming their pets after website addresses and harassing other players with them. But it also prevents me from naming a pet Lrrr, after the space alien from Futurama. Perhaps blocking “www” from being in names would be a better move.

I checked out the forums and there are a few threads about banned pet names. Seems a lot of the names mentioned are no longer banned though, names such as Audrey, Sonic and Malcolm, yet others still remain. Jennifer, for one.


One Response to “Banned Pet Names”

  1. Ive encountered this issue a couple of times now and they seem to be completely random names. I totally understand trademarked names but ome of them are just silly. If memeory serves I couldnt name my Jungle Grub ‘George’ so it ended up as ‘Georgiee’.

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