Carrying a Pet On Courageous Yon

Ever since patch 5.4 my strategy for carrying a pet on Farmer Nishi has been obsolete. This sent me on a mission to find a new tamer I can carry a pet on since that was my blog’s most popular post. Perhaps it was only popular because people have been having trouble defeating him since patch 5.4, who knows.

First off, I want to thank Derfis (@WoWDerfus) over at Will Pet Battle For Food for his strategy to carrying a pet on Grand Master Aki. This one is basically the same strategy with a different third pet.


I’ve come up with a technique that can carry one or two pets on Courageous Yon in Kun-Lai Summit. He’s located inside a cave in Kota Peak in the south western corner of the zone. The cave is at the top of the mountain and can only be accessed from the southern face.

mountainThe first slot will be the pet you’re carrying. It will only take about 150 damage, so just about any pet can go there. The second pet will be an Anubisath Idol with Crush, Stoneskin and Deflection. And your third pet is anything that is strong against Beasts. I choose a Tranquil Mechanical Yeti because he’s my go to for Beast fights. You probably won’t need this third pet, unless you make a mistake somewhere and just want a little insurance.

petsYon starts with his pet Piqua. Use any one round ability with your carry pet. Piqua will attack with Squack, which only deals 100-150 damage and lowers your damage by 25% for three rounds. Which is fine because you will now swap in your Anubisath Idol.

There are three things to remember when using your Idol against all three of Yon’s pets:

  1. The first two pets you face have two round attacks that charge on the first round. Piqua has Liftoff and Lapin has Burrow. When each of these attacks are selected you need to cast Deflection in the next round so you avoid the damage.
  2. Always keep Stoneskin active. When it gets down to one round left, cast it again, unless it conflicts with the first rule. If you have an add-on that shows your opponent’s abilities, you can cast Stoneskin on the turn Liftoff or Burrow comes off of cooldown, because you know he will cast them in that round.
  3. Attack with Crush, unless it conflicts with the first two rules.

If you do this you should have around 1000 health left when Yon’s third pet, Bleat comes in. His attacks are weak against your Idol’s, but Crush is weak against him. So you can either keep hitting him with Crush until he dies, or just bring in your strong against beasts pet. It’s entirely possible to kill all three of Yon’s pets with your Idol since they all have one of those Stampede like abilities that Stoneskin will block all the damage from and also prevent your pet from getting the double damage debuff.

So there you go. Now I wait for patch 5.5 when they change something on this battle to make this strategy obsolete too. Happy leveling.


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