Carrying A Pet On Farmer Nishi



Here is how I carry a low level pet on Farmer Nishi. I usually take a level 23+ as my leveling pet because any pet above level 22 will make it to 25 in this battle with the XP bonus from the Safari Hat and a Lesser Pet Treat, you’ll get about 4556 XP. I’ve been able to take her down with many combinations of pets, but this specific combo is a lot faster than any other I’ve tried before.

WoWScrnShot_090313_171911The first pet is whichever pet you will be grinding, anything with at least around 500 health, as it will take an initial attack and one more AoE attack throughout the battle. The next two should be a Tideskipper and a Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. On Tideskipper take Grasp, Tidal Wave and Geyser. On Yeti take Call Lightning and Supercharge, the ability in the first slot doesn’t matter, you won’t use it.

You will first face Siren, a elemental sunflower. Start the battle by using any attack from your leveling pet. After that swap him out for Tideskipper. First use Geyser, then attack with grasp until Siren is dead. Grasp does less damage than Crush, the other ability in Tideskipper’s first attack slot, but it also roots the enemy, which comes in handy after Geyser hits. Geyser will stun Siren, and if Siren isn’t rooted, Nishi will swap him out and bring in Toothbreaker, allowing for Siren’s Photosynthesis ability to regain most of it’s health.

Once Siren is dead, Toothbreaker comes in. With Tideskipper still active, cast Tidal Wave. Toothbreaker should be attacking first and will cast Sons of the Root, which causes him to submerge, becoming unattackable for 2 rounds. During this time, the Sons of the Root attack the opponent, dealing 77 Elemental damage each round. This attack is similar to Lil’ Ragnaros’s Sons of the Flame. Tidal Wave, while dealing a little damage to Farmer Nishi’s third pet, Brood of Mothallus, it’ll also clear out the Sons of the Root. Next cast Geyser again, then Tidal Wave one more time. Once Toothbreaker comes back above ground, cast Grasp and keep casting it until he’s dead.

Once Brood of Mothallus is active cast Geyser one more time. Next swap in your Tranquil Mechanical Yeti. Cast Super Charge then Call Lightning. After Call Lightning hits, the Geyser will hit, killing Brood of Mothallus and you’ll win. Below is a video of me employing this strategy.

Have fun grinding!


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