More Easy-To-Get Battle Pets

I’ve had a lot of people checking out my original Easy-To-Get Battle Pets post, so I though I’d do a follow up with some more pets that won’t take weeks of farming dailies in order to get.



Tideskipper – Looted off Morogrim Tidewalker in Serpentshrine Cavern, about an 8% drop according to WoWhead. He’s easily soloable, as long as you can make your way to him. About the only thing he does that’s special is he’ll summon a bunch of murlocs during the fight, an AoE attack will bring them all down. Tideskipper is great for the battle against Farmer Nishi, the daily tamer quest in The Valley Of The Four Winds. You’ll be able to take down both of Nishi’s elemental pets with the right strategy and rotation from Tideskipper. As long as you’re in Serpentshrine Cavern, you should take down at least two of the other three bosses that drop pets. The only one some people might have trouble with is Lady Vashj, but you can leave without ever seeing her if you want.


Ghostly Skull – Down in the bowels of Dalaran, there is a vendor named Darahir. This vendor sells reagents, and for some reason a pet skull that only costs 40g. A lot of people knew about this pet, back when Wrath of the Lich King was the latest expansion, but nowadays it’s easy to level through that content without even stepping foot in Dalaran. You might even be able to buy a few and sell them on the auction house and catch some uninformed people off guard.


Mr. Grubbs – This is my favorite of the Grub pets, simply because of his icon. maggot.v7337It has all the same abilities as the rest of the slugs and grubs, but the icon is just so much cuter (see to the right). You must first complete a chain quest in Eastern Plaguelands to receive Fiona’s Lucky Charm, then there is a bag that almost everything in the zone has a chance to drop. When doing the rest of the quests in this zone, you’ll get a bunch of these bags.  They drop at about a 8-10% rate. The bags contain money and Mr. Grubbs.


Westfall Chicken – Used to be called “Prairie Chicken”, this was one of the first companion pets I ever got. If you go up to a wild chicken, found in some of the lowest level zones, and type “/chicken” over and over and over (it’d probably be easier to just make a macro) eventually the chicken will give you a quest. This quest asks you to find a special feed and return it to the chicken. Once you do, she lays and egg, contained in that egg is this pet.


2 Responses to “More Easy-To-Get Battle Pets”

  1. wrathsome Says:

    Just some traffic from the Hearthcast podcast.
    I wonder if you have thoughts on using pet battles to level a toon. Say, visiting the trainers for the daily with max lvl pets to quickly step thru the process.

    Good luck on your blog!

    • I’ve tried here and there. I’ve been doing the dailies with my hunter, who is currently level 85, and it seems to be taking a long time. Not any longer than just regular questing, but not any quicker either.

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