Alliance, The Pond Scum Of Azeroth

I recently took a vacation that required me to get on a few airplanes. I am 30 years old and this is the first time I’ve ever flown anywhere. It wasn’t something I’ve avoided doing, it’s just something that has never came up. This was only the third trip in my life that’s been far enough away for flying to make sense and the other two were long road trips.

During my two days of travel I happened to be wearing World of Warcraft shirts. A Druid shirt I bought from Jinx and a Murloc one I received at last year’s Nerdtacular. Each shirt triggered an airport employee to ask me about the game.

The first was an older man, maybe in his early 50s who told me he used to play Warcraft with his son, but no longer does.

The second was a man around my age at the security check area. The first thing he did was ask me what faction I play, which I answered truthfully by saying “both, but I tend to play more Alliance than Horde.” He then followed that question by asking if I was on a PvP server, because he was going to come kill me. In my mind, I knew this was the wrong answer the moment he asked it. Any time someone has approached me and asked what faction I play, it’s always the wrong one.

One time, at an MC Frontalot concert, someone came over to me and simply asked “What faction?” I said Alliance and he stormed away as if I told then their father smelled of elderberries. We could have talked for while about our favorite classes, when we started playing, our favorite aspects of the game, but no, I randomly chose the wrong faction in 2005 when i had no prior knowledge of either faction, so I was no longer worthy of wasting any time on.

I also work with at least 5 people who play. One of which, played Alliance when I first met him. He always made a big deal out of us being the only two Alliance players around, but I didn’t care. We’re all people who play the same online video game, isn’t that enough?

I know there are plenty of good people who happen to play Horde. I’m friends with quite a few, my sister, her husband, the guys from, my cousin and all those people I work with, but the few times I’ve run into them in the world makes me glad I’m not.

I’m a 30 year old, father of two, who likes to be immersed in a fictionalized, fantasy universe. I work 40 hours a week in a factory that supplies braking corners to General Motors. I love my children, my family and my fiancée. I write, cook, work in my garden and love going to Buffalo Wild Wings. Also, I play Alliance, so I’m sorry if I ruined your day.


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