5.3 Beasts of Fable Help

On April 9th I did a post on the Beasts of Fable daily quest and what pets I use to easily complete them.  When patch 5.3 came out, this quest was split up into three quests, each one harder than the original but with the same rewards. Unfortunately, two of the three pets I wrote about aren’t as good anymore, so I’ve found a few more that work as replacements. Here’s my updated post for help with these quests.

Against Aquatics:


Of the three Aquatic pets, I have the most trouble with Dos’Ryga, the fish in Kun Lai Summit. What makes him so tough is his healing spell that adds around 800 health. I use a Crow for two reasons. The first being his Call Darkness ability, which reduces all healing spells by 50% for 5 rounds. The second is his strength against aquatics, specifically Murder, the standard three round attack that doubles damage for two rounds. I’m not a math expert, but for some reason doubling the attacks that are already halved by the the Elite Pet buff, end up stronger than they should. I don’t know if it’s a mistake, but I’m not not going to be asking Blizzard about it any time soon. This Crow can only be found as an additional pet on Darkmoon Island. It will not spawn on it’s own. Gilnean Ravens also have Call Darkness and have abilities strong against Aquatic, but I prefer the Crow.

Against Beasts:

Tranquil Mechanical Yeti

I recommend starting with a Tranquil Mechanical Yeti that’s been upgraded to rare quality. You can make these if you’re an engineer, or buy one off the auction house for pretty cheap. Start off the battle with Supercharge coupled with Call Lightning. Coupling these attacks will deal around 600-700 damage. Call Lightning will also increase all your mechanical attacks by 25% and deal additional damage each round the lightning storm is active. TMY is the only pet that allows you to have both these abilities active at once. For an extra bit of damage, bring in a Clockwork Gnome and use his Build Turret ability. Each attack from the turret will deal the additional damage brought on by Call Lightning. However, don’t plant a turret against Gorespine. His Spiked Skin ability will do more damage to you than it’s worth.

Against Critters:


I’m going with three pets who have the Howl ability and also have Beast attacks, so most Foxes, Wolves and my favorite, Chrominius. Chrominius comes out ahead because he’s a Dragonkin and one of the strongest attacks from the Beasts of Fable is weak against him, Ka’wi the Gorger‘s Moth Balls which can single-handedly kill your pet if it connects on each shot. Chrominius is a drop of Chromaggus in Black Wing Lair.


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