Beasts of Fable Help

The Beasts of Fable daily quest awards players with a high chance to get a battle pet and an even better chance to get one of the Flawless Battle Stones. From my experience you get one of these items about 70% of the time. And coming soon you’ll be able to get three of them a day.

Just in case you’re having some difficulty with one of the fabled pets, here is a strong pet for battles against each of the families.

Against Aquatics:

Start your battle with a Nether Faerie Dragon found near Dire Maul in Feralas. Not only do they have Silencing Wind, an ability that’s strong against aquatics, but they also have Life Exchange. Life Exchange will almost chop your enemy’s life in half, and if you wait until your pet is a round away from death, it will refill their life. It would be smart to level up a NFD anyways, since they have abilities that are strong against flying pets and flying abilities are weak against them. The Sprite Darter Hatchling has the same abilities, but it’s very rare.

Against Beasts:

I recommend starting with a Tranquil Mechanical Yeti that’s been upgraded to rare quality. You can make these if you’re an engineer, or buy one off the auction house for pretty cheap. Start off the battle with Supercharge coupled with Call Lightning. Coupling these attacks will deal around 1200-1400 damage or about 30-40% of the enemy’s health. Call Lightning will also increase all your mechanical attacks by 25% and deal additional damage each round the lightning storm is active. TMY is the only pet that allows you to have both these abilities active at once.

Against Critters:

This is the tougher one. I have one good pet for each of the three fabled critter pets, but the one that stands out is Mr. Grubbs. You get Mr. Grubbs as a quest reward in a chain of quests in Eastern Plaguelands. If you don’t want to do that, most of the slugs, grubs and larva pets have the same abilities. I use Consume, Acidic Goo and Burrow as my abilities. Start off casting AG, then Burrow, then consume. After that alternate Consume and AG and hit Burrow whenever its off cooldown. Burrow is the only one of these that is strong against critters, but consume should keep you alive long enough to do some serious damage to your enemy.

Well there you have it. Three battle pets that are strong against each of the beasts of fable. Go forth and start collecting and upgrading your pets.


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