My Favorite Battle-Pets

Now it’s time for a “me-me-me” post. These are the pets that I find myself using the most.

Clockwork Gnome – A rare build from Dwarf Archaeology. A lot of people think the Clockwork Gnome is over powered, have to say I agree. It’s especially nice when leveling or doing the Tamer Dailies. Mechanical pets are strong against Beasts, which are what a large majority of the wild pets are. Best ability: Build Turret, lays down a turret that deals a small amount of damage to the enemy three times for four rounds. This ability is currently unique to the Clockwork Gnome. I’ve named mine Coleman, after Gary Coleman.

Cat – A wild pet found in multiple zones. A favorite of mine for the same reason as the Clockwork Gnome. The Cat is strong against other common wild pets, Critters. All the Cat’s abilities are strong against them, including my favorite: Devour. Devour is a very common Beast attack that will restore a large amount of health if it kills your enemy. I’ve named mine Kodos, after the space alien from The Simpsons. I’ve also named my Cinder Kitten Kang, the name of Kodos’ partner.

Crimson Geode – A wild pet found in Deepholm. Crimson Geode has the ability to take down enemies in two rounds. Combining Elementium Bolt, a strong attack that hits at the end of two rounds from when it’s casted, with Amplify Magic, an ability that increases the next two round’s attacks by 50%, you can kill most gray quality enemies and deal at least half of any other quality’s health. I’ve named mine Betelgeuse, after the very bright star in Orion’s shoulder.

Eternal Strider – A wild pet found in The Vale of Eternal Blossoms. One of my favorites for three reasons. 1) Pump, an attack that comes in two phases. The first time you cast it, it increases all attacks by 10% and the second time deals a large amount of damage. 2) Healing Wave, an ability that heals a medium amount of health. 3) Strength against Elemental pets. When you get finished with all the Tamer quests in Pandaria, you unlock another round of Tamer quests, Spirit Tamers. These four battles are against legendary quality pets, each of them has one Elemental. Two double Pumps will kill the Elementals unless they heal themselves or reduce your pet’s damage or something. I’ve named mine Hooper, not exactly sure why, just liked the name.


2 Responses to “My Favorite Battle-Pets”

  1. wrathsome Says:

    My favorite pet is also the gnome from archeology. I named him Scrapheap.

    My other “go to” guy is the Strand Crawler. He is extremely durable and can leave heals for when swapping pets. And he is a rare from the fishing bags reward in Dalaran and so easy to come by.

    My third is the Terrible Turnip. Partially for his pet taming spell but also for the awesome Wave which also attacks the back line pets.

    I only have one other pet which I named. It is the Teldrassil Sproutling which I named Thunderballs. it was the first day that pet battling was available and I regret it.

    • I love the Teldrassil Sproutling. It’s one of the pets I use when leveling others. You can keep it healed in world battles.

      This post is from a while ago. I rarely use most of these anymore. I should do a new one.

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