Battle Pets You Probably Won’t Get

Now it’s time to make you jealous. These are some nice combat pets that you either can’t get anymore or are really hard to get. Also, some easier-to-get replacements.

Baby Blizzard Bear – A small polar bear that was given away to all players who logged in during Blizzard’s 4th anniversary week. Great for pet battles because of it’s Hibernate ability, which restores a lot of health for three straight rounds. He also has a Call Blizzard ability, which causes elemental damage for 9 rounds and chills enemies. Unfortunately, the only pet with identical abilities is Poley, who was only given away in China during 2006. Most of the pet bears have the hibernate ability, except the Robo one. I recommend using your first Flawless Beast Battle-Stone on him if you do have him.

Sprite Darter Hatchling – This cute little fairy-dragon used to be a reward from an Alliance only quest. Now it’s a very rare drop from mobs in Feralas, about 1 in 8000. The Life Exchange ability is what makes him stand out. It equalizes the health between you and your enemy, even if they have 2000 health and you have 1. Only two east-to-get pets have this ability: Nether Fairy Dragon and Mini Mindslayer. Ethereal Soul-Trader also has it, but he’s from the Trading Card Game and if you REALLY want it you can buy it off eBay for like $180.

Lumpy – Lumpy is a possible quest reward from You’re A Mean One…, a quest during Winter’s Veil. You get about a 1 in 65 chance it’ll be included in your quest reward and it’s only available 14 days a year. Lumpy’s best ability is Quake, a strong damage over time attack that also hits underground enemies. Similar and slightly easier to get pets are Pebble and Grinder. Both take some work, but are easier to get.

Mini Diablo – One of three pets included in the original collector’s edition of World of Warcraft, Mini Diablo can only be acquired if you’re lucky enough to find a copy that hasn’t already been activated. I think his best ability is Weakness which deals damage, slows your enemy for one round and decreases their damage for one round. Another strength is his range of abilities, he can be strong against Mechanical, Dragonkin, Humanoid and Flying depending on what attacks you choose. No pets have the exact same abilities, but Infinite Whelpling in The Cavern of Time and Viscidus Globule from Viscidus in AQ, each have Weakness.


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