Easy-To-Get Battle Pets You Might Not Have

A lot of Warcraft players have been experimenting with pet battles lately. And since you found this post, I’m guessing you’re someone who wants to expand their collection. Here are a number of pets you might not have that won’t take a few thousand gold on the auction house to get.

Phoenix Hatchling – Looted off Kael’thas Sunstrider in Magister’s Terrace. It’s about a 1 in 16 drop off him in both normal and heroic mode dungeons. I recommend running it on heroic first, then normal over and over until it drops because there are some nice drops in here (mount, cosmetic items, transmog pieces) that only fall off heroic mode. This dungeon is easily soloable by anyone above level 80 or so.

Raiding With Leashes Pets – There are 12 pets that drop off of old raid bosses, a lot of them can be easily killed by a poorly geared max level character. All three in Molten Core bosses are basically tank and spanks and the first boss in the Temple of Ahn’Qiraj will go down pretty easily. So that’s four you can get with very little work. The rest you might need to look up a strategy first.

Kirin Tor Familiar – This one is obtainable after you complete the “Higher Learning” achievement. You have to click on 8 different books scattered around Dalaran. Each book despawns a few minutes after someone reads it and doesn’t respawn for like three or four hours. It may take few days or weeks to finally get all the books because of the merged servers, but the act of actually acquiring it is pretty easy. Warcraft Pets does a pretty good write up on the book locations.

Leaping Hatchling, Darting Hatchling, Ravasaur Hatchling and Razormaw Hatchling – These guys used to be drops from elder rare spawn raptors but now they come from nests and are a 100% drop rate. You get them in Northern Barrens, Dustwallow Marsh, Un’goro Crater and Wetlands. The nest are located among the raptors in these zones.


3 Responses to “Easy-To-Get Battle Pets You Might Not Have”

  1. Word is that Bear cubs have an OP heal. Otherwise, my strongest pet so far is the Curious Oracle Hatchling (humanoid) because it heals after each successful hit it does, giving you a slight advantage. I’m also loving the raptor hatchlings, their third attack gives you a big heal if your opponent dies from it, making it useful when you’re facing 2 pets or more.

  2. […] had a lot of people checking out my original Easy-To-Get Battle Pets post, so I though I’d do a follow up with some more pets that won’t take weeks of […]

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