Druid Tier 13 and A Look Back

With Tier 13 slowly rolling out over at the World of Warcraft website, and with everyone abuzz about Transmogrification, I thought I would take a class by class look at each gear set and talk a little about my impressions of the new ones and what I would choose if I Transmogrified.

First off, for those of you following along, here is World of Warcraft’s Druid Tier 13 and  Visual Retrospective.

I don’t really like Tier 13 as a whole, it looks too much like Tier 9, and when I spend about 6 months in a lot of that set, I’ve grown very tired of it.  The helmet is about all I really like, the rest of it I would pass on.

First and foremost, I am a fan of helmets and shoulderpads.  Looking back at everything, my favorite entire sets are Tier 2 and Tier 6. I love the yellows, greens and browns of Tier 2 and the helmet and shoulder wings on Tier 6 are also pretty sweet looking together.  If I were picking individual pieces, I’d take the antlers on Tier 1 and the shoulders on either Tier 11, as for everything else, I’d probably just keep the look of what I’ve got.  There isn’t anything there that makes me want to rush out and get that gear to transmogrify it.


4 Responses to “Druid Tier 13 and A Look Back”

  1. I heard about your site on The Morning Stream. I have nothing constructive to add ;-P

  2. I like Druids. Also would like to prove that TMS advertising works!

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