Progress, so far

Back in November I made a prediction about what order my toons would be reaching 85.  Here is a section from that post:

“Then after that [druid first] I’m thinking it’ll go warrior, hunter, death knight, priest (currently level 70), warlock, rogue.  Then I’m making a worgen mage and dwarf shaman and they’ll probably be to 85  in that order.”

Here was my projected order: druid, warrior, hunter, death knight, priest, warlock, rogue, mage, shaman, paladin.

So far I have gotten druid, warrior, paladin to 85, with my warlock about 1/4 of a level away. My mage is currently at level 40 and my shaman is 63. I’ve gotten my hunter to 83 but I’m so bored with him, I probably won’t be playing him again for a while.

Here is my new projected order: druid, warrior, paladin, warlock, rogue, shaman, death knight, mage, hunter, priest.

We’ll see how close to that I end up in another year.


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