File Under Not-WoW

I’ve realized that relationship histories are a lot like a person’s vehicle history.

At first, you really love your first car.  You can drive it all the time, it gives you a lot of freedom you never thought you had. Sure there are some problems, but it’s new to you, so you’ll take what you can get.

But the more time goes on, the more you realize this big clunky van just isn’t cutting it anymore.  It barely ever allows you to drive it.  It costs too much money to keep it running.  And those little things you used to overlook, now annoy you.

So you trade it in for a newer, better looking model.  One that runs a lot better and lets you drive it whenever you want to.  You look back and wonder why you ever drove that piece of crap.  You should have just waited until you could get the one you’re currently in.



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