Season 10 Armor Sets impressions

This past weekend the new armor sets for season 10 were released.  I’m going to go right down the list with my impressions of each.  You can see each of them on MMO Champion. 

Death Knight – The red one looks the best, but I still don’t like the entire style.  I don’t like the face in the belt area.

Druid – The shoulder pads and helmet are very Druid looking.  My favorite is the third one with the blue and green shades, but they all look good.

Hunter – These look nothing like a hunter.  When I see these sets I think of Warlock, not Hunter.  As a hunter set I don’t care for it but it would be better as another class.

Mage – The Mage set is alright but the helmet isn’t the greatest.  I prefer the orange set among the ones shown.

Paladin – This one is frightening.  It looks nothing like what a Paladin would normally wear.  The first one looks like it’s made out of wood and the second one looks like rock.

Priest – From the chest down it looks fitting for a Priest, but again the shoulders and helmet would be better suited for a different class, maybe Mage or Warlock.  The first set, the blue and yellow one, looks best.

Rogue – Lately the Rogue sets haven’t looked much like a Rogue.  When I think of Rogue, I think of subtle colors and low profile styles.  The colors have gotten better here but still too high profile.

Shaman – This is probably one of my favorite sets, I think because of all the curved spikes.

Warlock – This is another great set.  The red colors and skeleton accents make it perfect for Warlocks.

Warrior – The Warrior set is pretty nice too.  Especially the fire coming out of the helmet.


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