Lets See How Long This Will Last…

When Blizzard first added the ability to gain experience from professions, I realized it would be easier to level up a toon without killing anything.  It’s something I thought would be interesting to attempt and now I’m going to try.

I decided to go with a Paladin for a few reasons.  First is the ability to be a healer.  Healing instances will probably be the best way to cruise through most levels.  Secondly is because of the survivability.  Being a plate wearer and being able to bubble and run will help when I aggro a few mobs.

At the beginning, I’ll have to sell my herbs and minerals to be able to buy gear, since I won’t be getting any from the introduction quests.

I was trying to figure out a way I can make sure I don’t kill anything, and I’m still lost on how I’m going to do this.  I know there is a spot on the statistics page of the achievement pane that shows how many creatures you’ve killed, but I’m pretty sure that will count things that party members kill in dungeons.  I looked through there, searching for a “killing blow” stat and didn’t see one.  Maybe I was just overlooking it, but if that were there, it would be the way to tell for sure.

I fully expect to get around level 8 or so and be so sick of trying this and just give up.  If not, I plan on updating my progress at important points along the way, every 10 levels or so.


One Response to “Lets See How Long This Will Last…”

  1. Be careful, you might step on a critter or two. 🙂

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