New Dungeons

One of the best and worst thing about getting a new WoW expansion is all the new dungeons that you get to explore.

The good part is the challenge of having all these new battles to learn.  No longer can dps just unload with AoE, tanks can’t get so much aggro that they can go AFK and healers have to really pay attention to everyone’s health.  Also is all the new pieces of loot that you can score inside.  Loot that is so much better then most of the things you had before.

On the negative side, you have to deal with people who refuse to explain or learn new boss techniques .  When a tank is getting hit for 80% of his life every 5 seconds, he’s either undergeared or doing something wrong.  Take a couple minutes to look on sites like WoWpedia so you are prepared when you go in.

The multiple groups of mobs that you used to pull in level 80 heroics are now going to kill everyone.  The dps have to relearn to let the tank have a few seconds to build up aggro before they start doing max damage.  It’ll take a little time before everyone gets back into the mindset of taking you time and doing things right.

We will get back to that point, you just have to be patient.


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