The Shattering, Zone Impressions (Part 2)

I finished the rest of Kalimdor yesterday so here’s the rest of the zones.

Southern Barrens – I made my way farther north in this zone and saw the big changes.  The oasis is much bigger now, with a lot more foliage.  I also took this nice shot of me overlooking the rift between Northern and Southern Barrens.

Feralas – From there I flew back to Feralas to finish surveying the changes there.  I hit up the new Feathermoon Stronghold and took the long swim to the old location, which is now being overrun by Naga.

Desolace –  Desolace was one of the zones I was most excited about, I knew it was supposed to see some big changes.  I was kind of disappointed by the changes though, because most of the zone remained the same.  The middle part, seen here, had a lot more green in it, but that was about it for growth.  A couple more shots I took, here and here, are of a tornado that I had some fun playing with, and some bright blue Thunder Lizards.

Stonetalon Mountains – This zone saw some changes too, a lot of fighting between Night Elves and Tauren, and a lot of new questing hubs are scattered around the area.

Northern Barrens – From an Alliance standpoint, I didn’t see anything new here.  It’s still a low level Horde zone.

Ashenvale – A volcano appeared just to the east of Astranaar.  There are also a lot of new FPs scattered around the area.

Darkshore – Alright, I have to say this is now (without even stepping foot in Eastern Kingdoms) my favorite zone in WoW.  I’ve got a lot of photos I took during my pass through.  Here is an ancient tree holding some pillars.  In the middle of the zone, you find Malfurion Stormrage standing under, and possibly controlling, a giant tornado.  I’ve got three shots of it, here, here and, here.  In the northern part of the zone there was a giant waterfall, seen here and here, that portaled you to an underground cave when you fell in it.  I, again, got really sad when I visited the ruins of Darnassus and saw dead Night Elves still laying around in the old buildings.  This is one of the first places I ever saw when playing, so it’s weird that it’ll be forever gone.

Now as for the rest of the zones; Winterspring, Felwood and Azshara I stayed out of because Winterspring and Felwood didn’t look like they had many changes and Azshara didn’t have any Alliance FPs for me to use to leave after exploring.  Durotar and Mulgore I also skipped because they are Horde starting zones and I never really spent much time in them.


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