The Shattering, Zone Impressions (Part 1)

When I logged in last night I spent about 45 minutes exploring Thousand Needles, then I went to Feralas, Silithus, Un’Goro, Tanaris, Dustwollow Marsh and Southern Barrens.

Thousand Needles – Easily the most changed zone, everything is underwater now, plus a number of new quest hubs.  I love the new sea turtles.

Feralas – This is where I first noticed major fighting between factions.  I didn’t spent much time here, I just used the first FP I could find to travel to…

Silithus – Looked exactly the same.  I should have just removed it from the game, not like anyone really quests there anymore.

Un’Goro – Marshal’s Refuge’s location has been moved into the center of the zone, which makes questing MUCH easier.  Where it used to be is now populated by elementals, another theme I’m noticing.

Tanaris – The northeast corner is now underwater, and there are goblins stuck on the roofs of the buildings in Steamwheedle Port.   Also… CAMELS!

Dustwallow Marsh – The biggest change is the giant path that extends from Theramore to the entrance of the Southern Barrens.  I love it, no more riding around the mountains just to go anywhere.

Southern Barrens – Only spent a few minutes here, it was already 2 am and I’d been up since 6 am.   Looks similar to the old barrens, but now there are Alliance camps.

More zones to come either later today or tomorrow.


2 Responses to “The Shattering, Zone Impressions (Part 1)”

  1. Bimini Asheye Says:

    I logged out in the Barrens and came back in at a graveyard in Southern Barrens, where it looks nothing like the Barrens. The GY’s in the Overgrowth, which is like an oasis on steroids. The foilage is vibrant, and striders were battling against hostile vines. A short jog away was the edge of the Great Divide of lava. I had to ride along the edge to get to one of the new flight points.

    Then I spend hours just exploring. 🙂

  2. Yeah, Southern Barrens is another place that saw major changes. I’m back to exploring this morning and I just hadn’t gotten that far in to see the changes.

    Thanks for reading!

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