Tier 11 Reactions

MMO Champion, one of my favorite sites for WoW news, has a comprehensive, photo list of the new tier 11 gear sets.  I’ll discuss them in order of importance to me.  If you want to follow along, or for some reason you haven’t seen them yet, you can check them out here.

Druid -I prefer the heroic set to the regular set.  The regular set is too blue for my liking.  I think it looks best on the Tauren.  This set looks a lot better in motion, youtube.

Warrior – Huge dislike.  The belt has a face on it?  Really?  Come on…

Hunter – Not really a fan of this one either.  Is it supposed to be a snake?  What’s with the balls in the shoulder pads?

DK – I kind of like the heroic version, but again with the face in the belt.  What’s going on here?

Priest – I really like the color schemes, what I don’t like is the shoulder pads.  That’s the first think I focus on for new gear sets is the shoulders.  Too bad these bring the rest of the set down.

Warlock – Lock’s set looks good.  I much prefer the normal set over the heroic one, since my lock is male gnome and I don’t think he looks good in pink.

Rogue – No, no, no, no, no.  The helmet and shoulders do not match a rogue.  The rest of the set looks fine, but those two need to go.

Mage – This set makes me want to level a Mage so much more.  Though it does make me rethink my plan to make my Mage a Worgen since the mask doesn’t work on them.

Shaman -I really like the way this looks on the Dwarf.  With his white beard and everything, looks pretty good.

Paladin – This doesn’t look “Paladin” at all.  I could see the white version being for a Priest and the blue one being for a frost Mage.  For those, I could see myself liking them, but for a Paladin, no.


2 Responses to “Tier 11 Reactions”

  1. Bimini Asheye Says:

    Ah! Good blog post. I’ve got some input to share. Some of the sets are made to look like various mobs. To me, all of the sets can be categorized by elements:

    Earth: Warrior, Paladin, Shaman, and (loosely) Warlock
    Air: Druid, Rogue
    Water: Hunter, Priest
    Fire: Mage, DK

    Druid – Yes, the heroic set looks better on night elves, but the blue looks good on trolls, except that trolls won’t have a bird form (not counting moonkin) and the feathers don’t fit for their culture.

    Warrior – It’s a colossus of rock! I didn’t even notice the beltface. I’m looking forward to getting this on my warrior. It looks tough as it should be.

    Hunter – A snake? It’s a muloc skull for the head! The balls are glass floats, tied in with the fishing net; the rings looks like weights.

    DK – I don’t like it much either, expecially the big crown on the head. The red one looks like an ornate forge.

    Priest – It looks like it’s right out of Naj’tar (or however you spell that naga city) or the Throne of Tides. The fountains off the shoulders give it even more watery-ness. The shoulders do get rather large on some races.

    Warlock – It looks like a Twilight Cultist. The “horns” mirror the summoned-elementium spires of the Twilight Highlands.

    Rogue – The head and shoulders are what make the set look like Al’akir or one of the other elemental lords of air. This makes sense as often air=agility in the game.

    Mage – People call it a skull-face, but I think it’s more appropriate to call it a Ragnaros face. It’s also my favorite set. 🙂

    Shaman- It’s another variation of the cracked-earth and chain-mail theme we’ve seen with previous shaman sets.

    Paladin – It’s crystalline form reminds me a bit of what was that… Tier 4? The shoulders with the pinky-purple floaty crystals. Yeah. :-/

    • I said snake because of the scales, the head could resemble a snake skull, plus I don’t think I’ve ever seen scales on a murloc. But I do see what you mean now that I look back.

      As for the Rogue, I don’t think those pieces really fit the culture of a Rogue, with stealth and subtly being key factors. But again, I see your point.

      Thanks for you feedback and thanks for reading!

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