Chester’s Podcast Coverage (Sunday November 14)

Warcraft Podcasts:

The Instance – The world’s most popular WoW podcast, hosted by Scott Johnson and Randy Jordan aka Randydeluxe, who is doing good thanks for asking.  The Instance covers news, rumors, fan mail, quickfire questions and lately they’ve been featuring a “drop of the week” which suggests something you should do in game before Cataclysm, that probably won’t be around afterward.  The quickfire questions are the funniest part, they consist of questions the listeners submit that often have nothing to do with WoW and have to be answered quickly.  New shows range from once every week to two weeks, usually somewhere around 7-10 days.  I give it a 9/10 for information and entertainment.

WoWcoholWoWcohol is a casual podcast that focuses on the social aspects of WoW.  Every week they invite on a guest to talk about a certain part of the game.  From achievements, to a family that raids together to battlegrounds (I recommend the BG episode, #11 titled “You are going to die”, since I am their guest) no topic is forgotten… Until recently when they have stopped releasing episodes.  At the beginning, episodes were once every one to two weeks, but the last one was from September 8th.  According to their Facebook group, they will make more in the future but have been busy lately.  Their segments include news, talking with the guest, noob school and ask an old man, where Daniel phones his father, a retired doctor who has never played WoW, and asks him a user submitted question with often hysterical results.  I give it a 8/10 for uniqueness.

The Outlandish Podcast – This podcast is one I no longer listen to, but might start again.  A few months back they were really phoning it in, but to be honest, wasn’t everyone else in the Warcraft universe doing the same thing back then.  Outlandish’s highlight is the Warcraft related parodies of popular songs.  A parody of Mr. Sandman that is all about Ghostcrawler is one of my favorites.  Other parodies include; The Crash Test Dummies’ Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm, Randy Brooks’ Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer and Johnny Cash’s Walk the Line.  New episodes have come once a week lately.  It’s probably not fair to give them a rating since I haven’t listened in a while, but there has to be a reason I stopped listening to them twice… that being said I’ve come back too…


General Podcasts:

My Brother, My Brother and Me – An advice show for the modern era, hosted by’s, Justin McElroy and Griffin McElroy, along with their brother Travis, this podcast is top on my list for comedy.  The show usually ranges from 30-45 minutes and is very explicit.  The brothers play off of each other, making fun of questions they’ve found on Yahoo! Answers and others that are submitted by their fans.  Most of the “advice” given is for comedic reasons and should never be followed.  A common response is to “pack your bags and move away.”  One of the few shows I listen to first over all others.  New episodes are almost always ready to be downloaded on Monday morning.  10/10 for making me laugh so hard I have to pause my iPod so I don’t miss anything.


3 Responses to “Chester’s Podcast Coverage (Sunday November 14)”

  1. Very informative! Thanks for the write-up 🙂

    *Checks out “The Instance”*

  2. It took me a while to actually get to it, but now I’ve listened to an episode of “The Instance” and I have to say I really liked it. Sounded very professional for a podcast to be honest and the hosts have very good chemistry which makes all the difference for a show like this.

    It could have been more informative, some of the stuff they talked about could’ve used a bit more fact checking. But facts and humor don’t always go together and when you’re making an entertaining show, one should always win over the other one. 🙂

    Good choice!

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