LF WoW Podcasts PST

Where I work I am able to listen to podcasts by routing my iPod through the auxiliary port on the stereo.  Unfortunately there is a limited amount of shows that I can hear because the machine I operate is really loud and I can only get the volume up so high.

I’ve listened to a ton of different shows and at the moment I subscribe to: Citizen Azeroth, The Instance, Respec Radio, WoW Insider, WoWcohol and WoWphiles.  Out of which, Citizen Azeroth and WoWcohol haven’t done a new show in about a month.

So basically what I want is a show that has a high volume, is pretty entertaining and is different from most other WoW podcasts out there.  I’d prefer if it didn’t focus on raiding, because I am not a raider myself, but brief mentions of raiding is acceptable.

I’ve tried to search on iTunes, but a lot of the ones I come across on there haven’t been recorded since 2007, and I couldn’t find a way to sort them by new episodes.

Other shows I’ve tried and rejected: BluePlz, World of Warcast, Outlandish, Bind on Equip, Castaclysm, The Starting Zone…


5 Responses to “LF WoW Podcasts PST”

  1. Bimini Asheye Says:

    I also have a job where I can listen to podcasts. Sounds like you have tried out more than I have, as I have not even heard of, let alone listened to, the following: World of Warcast, Outlandish, Castaclysm, The Starting Zone, Citizen Azeroth, Respec Radio, and WoWcohol.

    I’ve been listening to WoW Insider (love it!) for a while, and I’ve just started listening to The Instance (and how could i have missed it for so long) and WoWphiles.

    I love All Things Azeroth. It’s hosted by Medros (who is a long-time player who doesn’t really raid) and Shade (Anne Stickney from WoW Insider).

    I also listen to Rawrcast, which is… an acquired taste. Stompalina has a snorting laugh. She and her significant other and cohost, Halfrot, often give each other shit. It has an explicit tag for a reason. But it doesn’t offend me and I find it mostly entertaining.

    I listen to Raid Warning, which actually does not talk about raiding as much as one would think. There’s alot of talk about beer. I don’t like beer, but I don’t mind hearing about others’ enjoyment. The hosts remind me quite a bit of RL friends, so I guess have a personal bias as to why I like it.

    I listen to The Addicted, which surprisingly talks about much more than WoW. They also talk about EVE Online, TV shows and movies. One host is Irish, and I just enjoy hearing his voice. 🙂

    I really enjoy Casually Hardcore. They talk about many things other than WoW. Two of the hosts are a RL couple with 2 kids, so they don’t have time to be raiders.

    I just started listening to the Guardian Tank. It reminds me why I enjoy being a tank.

    Sorry that I can’t provide links at the moment. I’m at work, and my web access is limited.

    • I downloaded a few more today as I was writing this post, one of them was All Things Azeroth. I believe I’ve tried Rawrcast and Raid Warning in the past and for whatever reason didn’t continue to listen. Most of the time I unsubscribe because they are just too quiet, that’s a big issue because between my machine’s noise and the ear plugs I wear, I really have to concentrate to hear low volume ones.

      I’m going to get The Addicted and Casually Hardcore, both sound pretty good.

      Since you mentioned liking The Addicted because of the Irish person, I might suggest to you getting The Incredible Podcast of Amazing Awesomeness. It’s hosted by two guys who used to do the WoW Insider show, Mike Schramm and The Turpster. Turpster is British and hilarious. They talk about all gaming but tend to focus on WoW. Turpster is on a couple of the Frog Pants (the podcast network that does The Instance) shows too.

      Since you haven’t listened to them before, I also recommend:
      Respec Radio, it’s a bi-weekly MMO podcast that focuses on WoW, done by some of the reviewers at Game Informer.
      WoWcohol is unique because they try to get listeners to come on and discuss different topic for each episode, but they are unreliable on when the release new episodes.
      and Citizen Azeroth, which also hasn’t done a new episode in a little while, I enjoy them because they do a segment called “Jackass of the Cast” which highlight someone they ran into in game that pissed them off.

  2. I can feel a “WoW Podcasts in review” blog post coming on… am I right? If I’m not, could I please be right anyway? I would love to read such a post! 🙂

    I only listen to “Hunting Party Podcast” myself. It’s a very informative and entertaining podcast but it’s strictly about hunter stuff which means I could definitely fit another podcast in my rotation of shows I listen to.

    Regarding your problem, wouldn’t it be better to try and fix this problem from a technical angle rather than looking for “louder” podcasts? For example, headphones, stand-alone speakers hooked up to the ipod, etc. And why doesn’t it work to hook up the ipod to the PC via the line-in aux port? (Keep in mind you usually have to go into the volume settings on your computer and enable the aux sound to actually hear it).


    • I hadn’t planned on doing one, but I could. It wouldn’t be too hard. I could do it as a multi-part post, covering 3-4 in each part. This would give me a chance to listen to a few different ones between posts.

      As for your solution to my volume problem, thanks for the suggestions but I’m kind of stuck where I’m at. I work in a factory with a lot of fork truck traffic, so we are not allowed to wear headphones for safety reasons. We have a big stereo with like 6.5 inch speakers as well as a subwoofer. My machine is so loud that OSHA has mandated we wear earplugs when operating it. In order to hear most podcasts I have to go into the volume settings on each podcast I download and adjust the volume to 100% louder and set my iPod’s equalizer setting to “Vocal Booster”. Even with all of this, it’s still about 50/50 on whether or not they are loud enough.

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