Cataclysm Plans (Part 1)

Since Cataclysm is just over a month away, I’ve been thinking about what I plan on doing the night it is released.

I’m going to leave work and head to a local Gamestop to stand in line and wait.  I work only about 15 minutes away from one and I work second shift, I get out at 11, so that’s nice and convenient.  After I get it, I’ve got about a 45 minute drive home, and that drive feels like it’s about 2 hours and I’m anticipating my home arrival.

The first thing I’m going to do is learn old world flying and level my Archaeology.  I’m not going to race my RealID friends to 85 because I would lose horribly.  I have a number of real life friends who are off of work, don’t have a family around or only play WoW (as opposed to other games) and there is no chance I could ever level faster then any of them.  My plan is to take my time and enjoy all the content for the first play through.

Once I start leveling my alts, I’ll probably speed through the zones and be the first of my friends to have 7 level 85s, that’s for certain.


2 Responses to “Cataclysm Plans (Part 1)”

  1. Why not download the expansion and have it installed and ready to play instead of waiting in line?

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