How do they decide what gets consolidated?

One of the new features in 4.0.1 is the new buff consolidation.  What happens is a bunch of your buffs will get stacked under one icon.  (see photo)  When the buffs get under 1 minute remaining, it will unstack so you can see what needs to be refreshed.

The issue with these buffs is I don’t know what qualifies them to be here.  As you can see above it has Shadow Protection, Power Word: Fortitude and Inner Fire included.  Not included is Vampiric Embrace.  Why isn’t Vampiric Embrace in there?  I can understand if only buffs you can cast on others are in there, but Inner Fire is a self-cast buff.

Maybe it’s a bug and it will be fixed by the next time I log in, we’ll see.


2 Responses to “How do they decide what gets consolidated?”

  1. Interesting post!

    Actually this option was introduced with 3.3. But very few people use it because no one knows for sure what it consolidates. I’ve checked during raids, dungeons, out of groups, etc. I can’t find any pattern to what gets consolidated and what doesn’t.

    I did some research and apparently there are several threads on the US bug report forums about this where people claim that buffs are going in and out of the consolidated frame. The issue is apparently being looked into, but I guess it’s very low on the priority list and probably won’t be fixed anytime soon.


    • That all makes sense, I don’t exactly go scouring through the interface options and checking and unchecking options until things change so I can see how I overlooked this until it was turned on by default.

      Thanks for the info.

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