WTF? I had to delete my WTF folder?

Ever since patch day on Tuesday, I’ve been experiencing a slower game performance.  At first I thought it was just the upgraded graphics that were hurting my fps, but day after day it just kept getting worse and worse.  This morning I was only getting about 15-20 fps in Terokkar Forest when I used to get more then that on the laggiest days in Dalaran.  I decided to finally fix the problem.

Blizzard has a Twitter feed called BlizzardCS and the other day they had a post on how to improve your system performance.  The first thing it told me to do was upgrade my graphics card driver… This didn’t help.  After my driver was up-to-date, my video settings were majorly nerffed.  I couldn’t move the slider off of “low” and the game was still choppy.

Then after being told to reset my video settings, which didn’t help either, a little farther down I was instructed to delete my WTF, Cache and Interface folders.  I decided to just do WTF and Cache since I didn’t want to have to reinstall all my add-ons.  This was the fix.

I was, once again, able to boost my video back up to Ultra and it smoothly ran at 60 fps where ever I was.

Thanks @BlizzardCS!


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